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Cordless Tools 12.09

Cordless Tools 12.09: Cordless Tools 12.09 is an online reference for selecting cordless tools. Tools 12.09 is an online reference for selecting cordless tools. It is an aid in selectinig the right cordless tools for your application. Contains cordless tools from all the major tool manufactures. This software also contains links to our store offering the best pricing on cordless tools, most of them with free shipping. You can also sign up for rebate information. This software is free to download, use and distribute. For more info see PowerToolsDrill

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Dating Tips For Guys 1.0

Dating Tips for Guys Toolbar for IE, Firefox - Dating Advice for Men Resources - Discover daily dating tips for guys and dating advice for men with video, audio, and reference tools for single men who want to approach women and meet women.

dating advice for men, dating tips for guys

Reference for Teachers 6.0: write better references for school leavers and save time
Reference for Teachers 6.0

Reference for Teachers helps teachers write student references by allowing them to select from up to ten variants of up to ten sentences which are then merged to form a single reference which includes student, teacher and school names and correct personal pronouns. A teacher using Reference for Teachers writes a reference for a student in a minute or two and then edits the reference so that it exactly suits the student.

resume, graduation, final year, report, reference, statement, recommendation, school, teacher, senior high school, school leaver

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Simple components for Ada 3.11

This library provides implementations of smart pointers for automatically collected objects (using reference counting); object persistence using ODBC; containers including doubly-linked webs and lists, graphs, maps, stacks, sets, bounded and unbounded arrays; table management tools; text editing tools for I/O of integer and floating-point numbers in any base; OO parsers for infix expressions; storage pools; lock-free shared structures, IEEE 754.

concurrent, storage pool, garbage collection, tree, parser, string edit, lexer, shared, tables, smart pointer, stack, container, persistence

Guitar and Bass 1.1.4: FREE software for fretted instruments, such as Guitar, Bass, Banjo, and more
Guitar and Bass 1.1.4

references and exercises. A Tablature viewer and editor. Ear training exercises. And practice tools. Features: - It`s FREE ! - Supports various instruments, tunings. Guitar (6, 7 string), Bass (4, 5 string), Banjo (4, 5 string), and Mandolin are supported by default. - New instruments, tunings, chords and scales can be added easily. - Complete scale/chords/keys reference. - Tab editor with a Tab library function. Quickly browse all your tabs. - Theory

ear training, exercises, bass, banjo, fretboard, chords, mandolin, music theory, guitar, intervals, scales

Desktop Metronome 1.6: Highly accurate software metronome
Desktop Metronome 1.6

Easily select from 0 to 7 beats, double and halve tempo, duplets,triplets,quadruplets etc... If you`re uncertain of the numeric tempo of a song, simply press TAP button in time with the rhythm you hear, and the TAP function will set the tempo accordingly.There’s a Auto mode which is great for speed training, reference-tone function for tuning and other handy tools to make practicing fun and effective.

metronome, speed training, software metronome, guitar, accurate metronome, drums, fretboard, drummer

Excel Absolute Relative Reference Change Software 7.0: Change formula references from absolute to relative or relative to absolute.
Excel Absolute Relative Reference Change Software 7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to change formula references from absolute (with `$`) to relative (without `$`) and vice versa in MS Excel. When a cell has an absolute reference, it means that it will always reference the cell location in the formula no matter what. When a cell has a relative reference, it means that it will change the cell location in the formula if the referenced cell is cut and pasted somewhere else.

changing, copying, paste, move copy, addresses, formula, referencing, address, cell, addressing

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